What's New
2008-05-22 Just a quick update while on trip in Japan: For those of you who love a great air show, don't forget to visit the 'Giornata Azzurra 2008' air show at Pratica di Mare air base near Rome on 24-25th May 2008. Pratica is a fine base that houses the Italian AF refueling squadron, a helicopter squadron and the Italian AF Test Wing. I had the opportunity to visit Pratica on several occasions and the base provides great photographic opportunities. For those of you who are interested: click here
2008-04-18 I have just returned from the Spring Flag exercise, with some excellent images shot at Decimomannu Air Base. I have some images almost ready for uploading, but I am also preparing to visit Korea and Japan, so I may not be able to upload them before I leave.Please be patient.....
2007-08-26 Forget my 1998 trip for now!. I just got back from a MAJOR trip to the US, featuring well over 30,000 miles (50.000 km) in 17 flights (10 commercial and 7 military). The first update is all about Eagles in Alaska: Click here for the F-15's. More images will follow soon.
2007-06-17 New online are some A-10 images taken at Barnes Municipal airport and some C-5 Galaxies taken at Westover AFB in 1998. Click here for the A-10's and here for the C-5's.
2007-06-10 The second update from my 1998 trip is now online. The birds captured at CFB Trenton can be found here .
2007-06-06 The first scans from my selected 1998 trip slides are now online. The first Lucky Winner is CFB Cold Lake, Canada... Click here for Hornets and T-Birds! More images will be added later
2007-05-29 I just upgraded my computer to 1080 GB of Hard Drive space and 4GB internal memory.Also new is the much awaited Wallpaper for march and april (Click here for the wallpapers).